Friday, August 12, 2005

one more quick thing...

There was an amazing post to the ILI listserv the other day, by Thomas Eland. If you sign up for ILI-L you can access the archives and read his (long) post here. (Sue, if you don't want to sign up, but are interested in the post, let me know.)

a quickly moving summer

Wow this summer has flown by. I'm actually looking forward to the school year getting underway so that at least the busyness is relegated to a schedule!

Sue--I sent an email a little bit ago, but I'm not sure if you got it, so I'm posting here as well. Thanks for emailing me!

I joined the infolit listserve you blogged about. I've been amazed at the traffic lately. I haven't been able to read everything in detail, but there have been lots of interesting issues raised. It seems like right now most of the dialog is coming from a K-12 perspective--but perhaps that's just me?

I've been doing a lot of playing around with technologies that are new (to me) in the past few days. One is It's a social bookmarking tool that allows people to share bookmarks and allows for multiple references rather than storing a link at only one location in a hierarchy. Another is Grokker which groups searches by similarity rather than just like relevance. Clusty does the same thing, but in a less visually appealing way. Finally, I've been checking out Touch Graph which does an amazing job showing link connections between sites.

Finally, I've used to start organizing my personal bookmarks. It's just a beginning, but the information literacy links I've found are going here.

On another note, I'm on the ILI-L listserv as well. There's been an interesting discussion on terminology lately. Other terms folks prefer (to information literacy) are information competency or information comprehension or information fluency.

Let me know how you're doing, Sue. (Of course, I know it's a chaotic time of year, so wait as long as you need to. :) )